Apex All Pro!

Though the season is not over the awards have began ! This years league MVP was named and it happened to be named to our starting QB Billy Joiner

Billy will headline the awards this year as he also is named to the All Pro team. This year he would lead the league in passing yards , passing % , and yards per game average. Coming into this season it was a change from wide receiver to Quarterback that was the exact change we needed this season as he’s led us to our best record to date with the best offensive numbers to date. 
Joining him for the All Pro list are his 3 receivers Love II , Jackson III , and Diaz whom for 7 weeks were 1-2-3 in all receiving categories. OL Lydell Huff , LB’s Jay’Son Huff , Damon Glasgow Jr. , Jimmie Hutto , DL Ricky Norris , S Lamont Hudson and emerging rookie edge rusher Shia Patton.

The jobs not done as your Upstate Predators host the NY Falcons this week 5 PM at Greece Athena. Come out and help us in our blackout bout.